Working with Dump Molds

As my daughter Freya and I played with the new 3d printer she figured out she could ask for toys on thingiverse and I would print them. About a month ago she aske if I could make a copy of a toy to print. I said yes and explained we could scan it or mold it. She wanted to try both.

A little research later and we got our tools ordered.


We started with some silicone rubber. Now this is some fun stuff to play with. We are using it to make a dump mold. Freya and I created boxes from foam board using hot glue. We glued a Littlest Petshop to the floor of the box. Them mixing the Oomoo 30 to a 1:1 ratio and mixing well. We poured the purple slime over the toy. Six hours later we got a mold.


Now for the magic. We use resin to make a copy. We used Smooth Cast 325 and the pot (working) time is only 2.5 minutes. We worked fast and in 10 minutes we had an almost perfect copy.  Freya got to painting.




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